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Document Translator | Professional Translator Services | Translator

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Document Translator

document certified translator

Translator .net can provide official translation for use in USA, Australia and Canada.  Our certified translations of documents can be used for government purposes.

Examples include:

Contract Translation

When doing business, contracts are necessary to ensure a clear understanding of the agreement.  Contract translation services by Translator .net help enable a higher level of confidence in the business deal.  Request a quote for your contract translation by clicking on the Get a Quote button on the right of this page - contract translation. 

Birth Certificate Translation

We are also happy to provide you with a certified translation of birth certificates.  Birth certificate translation is often required for formal applications to the government for immigration, for example.

For all your certified translation and official translation needs, we can help.  Contact us today for a free quote.

Examples include:

Drivers License Translation

You should see the relevant road traffic authority sites for the latest laws about the requirement for an official driver’s license translation.  However, on daily basis we translating driver's licenses and we can provide certified copies with a fast turnaround.  Often clients are waiting in car rental agencies and require immediate turnaround. We can provide such services, however, there is an extra charge for express service.

We are always open in translating such personal documents. Everyday, we accept translation requests from clients who require who immigrating to Australia, traveling within Australia, renting a vehicle, applying for a school in Australia. 

Translator .net has everything you are looking for in a professional language services provider:

•    Accurate translations
•    NAATI certification
•    Professional linguists
•    Quick turnaround
•    Reliable services
•    Strict confidentiality
•    Superior customer service
•    Attention to detail
•    Customised support
•    Satisfaction guaranteed

Step by step process in getting document translationWe spend time in understanding your documents and match it to our NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) professional translator who are accredited to do certified translations. We maintain confidentiality for your documents as we know how important your documents are to you.

We offer our fast, accurate translation services for any type of certificates. Most documents are translated 2 to 4 days. We send the certified scanned copy of your translated document by email and post the certified hard copy by post which will arrive in a few days’ time. We also offer express service with 1-day turnaround for an additional fee. Our staff and teams meticulously review your translated document to achieve accuracy. We send back your translated document with the same format to maintain consistency. Some language prefers different treatment when it comes to names, which we can manage. We will work with you to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the names across other documents.

Government agencies have strict standards for visa application documents. We ensure that our translation services observe and follow to these standards and be accepted by the necessary agencies, or your money will be refunded. We make sure that each document contains the required stamp and certification, enabling your Australian visa application to be processed—and finalised—as quickly as possible.

We have been offering our certificate translation services to Canada and the U.S. Whether you have a small or big document, we guarantee your satisfaction!

For your certificate translation needs, please click to the home page and submit your document for a quote.


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