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Chinese Translator

Chinese Translator and Translation Service

Chinese traditional

Chinese translators can assist you with various translator services.

Chinese has one written language. The two most spoken Chinese languages are Mandarin and Cantonese.

Call us for availability of on-site translators including:

  • Mandarin meeting translator / Cantonese meeting translator
  • Mandarin conference translator / Cantonese meeting translator
  • Mandarin court translator / Cantonese court translator
  • Mandarin deposition translator / Cantonese deposition translator
  • Mandarin medical translator / Cantonese medical translator
  • Mandarin legal translator / Cantonese legal translator
  • Mandarin over the phone translator / Cantonese phone translator
  • Mandarin voiceover translator / Cantonese voiceover translator
  • Mandarin tour translator / Cantonese tour translator

We also provide Chinese transcriptions, Chinese web site translator, Chinese web site localisation, Chinese certified document translation and Chinese certificate translation.

Click on one of the services below for instant quote.

Upload your document for translation and pay right on our web site, or call us.


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Chinese Language

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao -Tzu

Chinese simplifiedChina is one-fifth of the world’s population. Chinese is the most common language in the world. Billions of people speaks the Chinese language as their native tongue. Chinese language comprises a group of related language variations with Cantonese, Wu, Xiang, Hakka, Min, Gan, and Mandarin. The official language of the Republic of China is Mandarin Chinese.

Simplified Chinese:

The written Chinese text is referred to as “modern form”. It was established by P.R. China in 1949 and was used in the inland of China and Singapore nowadays. The Simplified Chinese or the “modern form” was implemented to increase literacy among the Chinese people. Modern form of Chinese became easier to learn and understand rather than the Traditional Chinese.

Traditional Chinese:

Traditional Chinese in written text is frequently used in Hong Kong and Taiwan these days as it was written by the Chinese people for thousand years. Hong Kong and Taiwan continued to use the traditional form after the Mainland China and Singapore adopt the simplified form after 1949.

When to Use Traditional Chinese Translation or Simplified Chinese Translation?

In choosing between the two forms - modern and traditional – it is important to understand your possible audience. If your target audience live in Mainland China or Singapore, then Simplified Chinese is best to use. If your target audience resides in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Malaysia, then Traditional Chinese is the way to go.


Chinese to English Certificate Translation

Certified official translation of certificate such as drivers license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, diploma

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Chinese to English Certified Official Translation

Chinese to English certified official translation of document(s) from Chinese to English. For Chinese document translations other than certificates which require a high quality certified Chinese translator or specialised Chinese translator. Certified Ch

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Chinese to English Document Translation

Professional Chinese to English document translation

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