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Dutch Translator

Dutch Translator and Translation Service

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Dutch translators can assist you with various translator services.

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We also provide transcriptions, web site translator, web site localisation, certified document translation and certificate translation.

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Dutch Language

Dutch Australia translator

A Look into the Dutch Language

The Dutch Language is primarily spoken in The Netherlands, a country in Europe that is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and is the language of approximately sixty percent of the population existing in Belgium as well as Suriname. The Netherlands border countries Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, making them close neighbours. The Netherlands made their mark by becoming one of the first countries in the world to establish an elected parliament. The Netherlands, commonly referred to as Holland, is run by a parliamentary democracy.

Historical Landmarks of The Netherlands

Tourists planning to flock to The Netherlands to get a glimpse of their rich and plentiful history will be met with an abundance of historical sites. The Delta Project (also known as Delta Works) have been recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. This site consists of large constructions whose purposes are to protect land from the sea. Historical and visually stunning buildings such as Rijksmuseum and Maastricht Vrijthof exist in Amsterdam and the city square in Maastricht, and are an ideal destination for anyone searching to find rich historical wonders of The Netherlands. Those seeking something even more visually stunning may head to the Keukenhof Gardens, the world's largest flower garden. This site is truly one of The Netherlands' most beautiful and most prominent sites.

The Dutch Culture

The culture that exists in The Netherlands tends to be diverse due to regional differences as well as foreign influences. The Dutch people have been well known by the rest of the world to be very culturally liberal as well as tolerant. The Dutch people have many traditions and customs that are very important to their life style. One of the most important Dutch holidays is the feast of Sint Nicolaas, which is celebrated on the evening before Sint Nicolaas' birthday on December 5 each year. Bringing a special Dutch food called beschuit met muisjes, a type of biscuit and sugared seeds, to visit a new born child and his mother is also a common tradition for the Dutch people.

The Dutch have various specialties when it comes to their cuisine, most notably dairy which is a big part of the Dutch diet. The Dutch have been most famously known for their cheeses with their Gouda, Edam, and Leiden cheeses becoming renowned worldwide.

The two most popular sports in Dutch culture are football and speed skating. Football remains the most popular sport in The Netherlands, but the people also have an appreciation for speed skating, and it is very common for parents to teach their children to begin skating at a young age.

Dutch Language and Religion

The Netherlands official language remains the Dutch language and is considered the primary language of all people who reside there. The Dutch language is also considered to be the primary language in places like Curacao, Flanders, Brussels, Sint Maarten, Suriname, and Aruba. The language originated in the early middle ages and it became the standard language in the 16th century. People of The Netherlands also make it a tradition to learn other languages other than their own including English, German, French, and Spanish.

The Dutch revolt from Spain was in part motivated by religious beliefs as Spain rejected the Dutch people's beliefs. After receiving their independence from Spain, the Dutch widely adopted Calvinism. Today, The Netherlands is known as one of the most non-religious countries in Europe. About 50% of The Netherlands identify themselves as being non-religious, with the remaining 50% identifying as Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim. Dutch Services overview is here to help you with Dutch Translation services.  We provide translators and interpreter services in cities across Australia and internationally. Our translators are professional, fast and accurate in all aspects of Dutch language translation.

Dutch Translator

Our Dutch translators are experienced in a many types of Dutch document translations. We spend the time to understand your requirements and then recommend the correct solution. We offer qualified, skilled, certified and experienced translators. Our Dutch translators have industry experience in medical document translation, legal translation service, marketing and websites, technical and engineering documents. Some of the most common documents we translate include birth certificates, driver’s licenses and marriage and death certificates, contracts. In addition to marketing and manual document translation services and more.

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Dutch to English Certificate Translation

Certified Official Dutch To English Translation of certificates including: Birth certification translation Marriage license translation Death certificate translation Divorce certificate translation

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Dutch to English Certified Official Translation

Dutch to English certified official translation of document(s) from Dutch to English. For Dutch document translations other than certificates which require a high quality certified Dutch translator or specialised Dutch translator. Certified Dutch

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Dutch to English Document Translation

Professional Dutch to English document translation

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