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Professional Translator Services | Translator

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Certificate Translation Services

We provide professional certified translation services of certificates from languages other than English translated to English. We can complete the translation within 1 or 2 business days. Or we offer quicker translation with our express service.

Simply upload your certificate on the home page of the website. Click here to be routed to the home page.

Easy steps:
1, Upload documents
2. Receive Cost
3. Click to Confirm
4. Provide Payment
5. Provide Mailing address

Our certificate translation services is available for all types of personal documents such as:

•    Birth certificates
•    Marriage certificates
•    School records
•    Degree certificates
•    Financial and bank statements
•    Driver’s licenses
•    ID cards
•    Passports
•    Personal letters
•    Letters of recommendation
•    Employment certificates
•    And much more!

We operate 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.  We are always open!  We translate documents every single day for clients immigrating to Australia, Canada or the USA.  Or if you are applying for schools the universities request certified translation of your personal documents.  Or if renting a vehicle, car rental companies do require a translation or your foreign language drivers licence into English completed by proper certified translators. has everything you are looking for in a professional language services provider:

•    Accurate translations
•    Proper certification
•    Professional linguists
•    Quick turnaround
•    Reliable services
•    Strict confidentiality
•    Superior customer service
•    Excellent client services
•    Satisfaction guaranteed

For your certificate translation needs, upload your certificate on the home page of the website

Letter Translation Services

Written correspondence is still a key part of business and personal relationship building. The automated translation software may not accurately convey the true meaning of the correspondence. Therefore, Translationz translates letters so that you can understand the intended meaning of the letter.

Contract Translationz for your letter translation needs. We have translators in most languages and have the ability to provide a rapid turnaround of your translated letter.
We use humans rather than machines for all our translations. We offer the peace of mind of the optional review by an independent translator.

We have translated love letters, business letters, letters of introduction and many other letters.  Contact Translationz for your letter translation service.

Business Document Translation

Whether you are currently doing business with foreign companies, or seeking to, translation of business documents is a necessity of most international business relationships.  Accurate and efficient translations can convey a professional image of your organization and may assist you with your international business relationships.  Translationz delivers high quality professionally translated documents that convey the correct meaning versus simply translating the words.  We focus on quality rather than quantity.  If fast turnaround is desired we are generally able to meet client expectations for short term and on-going assignments.

Whether you need to translate a letter of credit, business contracts or agreements, export or import documents or business correspondence, Translationz is your source for business document translation services.  We also perform training manuals translation, web sites translation, annual reports translation, business presentations translation, tradeshow translation and other marketing materials translation.

We have translators available for most languages (see right side of the screen for a partial list).  The majority of our translators hold degrees in translating and have vast experience and proven track records.  We offer certified translators as well for those projects requiring certification.  We assign the best translator for the type of project.  Whether your project is highly technical, related to the health care industry or legal document, we will assign an experienced translator with this area of expertise.

Medical Translator

Medical and pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialised skill. Translator .net have a talent pool of experienced medical and scientific translators and medical translation services. Many of our translators possess medical or biomedical engineering degrees.  Particularly with medical translation, a skilled bilingual speaker s not able to translate the complexities of medical terminology.  Translator .net translators have translated projects such as:

- scientific medical literature and books
- instruction manuals
- human resource manuals
- medical imaging and diagnostic device documentation
- laboratory equipment documentation
- hospital and physician management and information systems
- test and research documents
- clinical studies
- marketing and sales materials
- patient information
- websites
- patient questionnaires
- patient recruitment materials

We use a team of translators to accurately and concisely translate the most confidential and sensitive documents.  We have strict quality control and project management and guidelines to handle the documents with the highest level of confidentiality.
Contact us today for all your medical translation needs.

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